Conditional Formatting

Use Conditional Formatting to define range-based conditions that determine which cell style will be applied to each cell in a given range based on its contents.

The cell style corresponding to the first condition that evaluates to true is applied. Cell styles applied through Conditional Formatting override cell styles applied manually using the Formatting Bar or the Styles sidebar.

You can enter several conditions that query the cell values or results of formulas. The conditions are evaluated from first to the last. If Condition 1 is true based on the current cell contents, the corresponding cell style is applied. Otherwise, Condition 2 is evaluated to determine if its corresponding style will be applied. If none of the conditions match cell contents, then no changes are made to the cell format.

Conditional formats do not overwrite cell styles and direct formatting applied manually. They remain saved as cell properties and are applied when the cell matches no conditions or when you remove all conditional formats.


A feltételes formázás alkalmazásához engedélyezni kell az Automatikus számítás funkciót. Válassza az Adatok - Számítás - Automatikus számítás menüparancsot (a menüparancs mellett egy pipa jelenik meg, ha engedélyezve van az Automatikus számítás).


Ennek a parancsnak az eléréséhez...

From the menu bar:

Choose Format - Conditional - Condition.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Home - Conditional - Condition.

From toolbars:

Icon Conditional Format - Condition

Conditional Format


Defines the range of cells concerned by the conditional formatting. Click on the Shrink button to minimize the dialog box. Click again on the button to come back to the dialog box once the range is selected.


List of the conditions defined for the cell range in order of evaluation. You can define as many conditions as you want.


Increase priority of the selected condition.


Decrease priority of the selected condition.


Adds the condition to the condition list.


Deletes the condition from the condition list.

Condition list entries

Specify if conditional formatting is dependent on one of the entry listed on the drop down box.

Condition - Cell value is

Applies a cell style on the cell or cell range controlled by the condition set in the drop down list. The formatting is applied to each cell individually and the condition may depend on other cells values of the selected range.

Condition - Formula is

Applies the selected style to the cell when the formula expression in the text box in the right is not zero.

Condition - Date is

Applies the selected style to the cell when the cell contents is formatted as date and the condition is one of the available date interval in the dropdown list.

Condition - All cells

Applies the conditional formatting to the set of cells defined in the selected range. The formatting is applied based on the contents of the whole range.

Color Scale

Applies a color scale to a range consisting of displaying a bicolor or tricolor gradient on this range depending on the value of each cell.

Data Bar

Data bar option fills the cell with solid or gradient color corresponding to the numeric value in the cell.

Icon Set

Add an icon to the cell based on the value relative to the specified thresholds. Several icon sets are available.

Alkalmazandó stílus

Select the cell style to apply when the condition is verified. Select New Style to open the Cell Style dialog and define the style properties.

Manage Conditions

Manage all the conditional formatting defined in the spreadsheet.

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