Specifies the number of columns and the column layout for a page style, frame, or section.

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Wubjerće Format – Titulna strona… a potom předłohu strony a klikńće na Wobdźěłać….

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Špalty strony

You can select from predefined column layouts, or create your own. When you apply a layout to a page style, all pages that use the style are updated. Similarly, when you apply a column layout to a frame style, all frames that use that style are updated. You can also change the column layout for a single frame.



Enter the number of columns that you want in the page, frame, or section.

Selection fields

You can also select one of the predefined column layouts.

Tooltips describe each predefined selection.

Apply to

Select the item that you want to apply the column layout to. This option is only available if you access this dialog by choosing Format - Columns.


The following two options are only available when formatting sections.

Evenly distribute contents to all columns

Evenly distributes the text in multi-column sections.

Text direction

Specify the text direction for a paragraph that uses complex text layout (CTL). This feature is only available if complex text layout support is enabled.

Polo přehlada

Pokazuje přehlad aktualneho wuběra.

The column layout preview only shows the columns and not the surrounding page.

Width and spacing


Creates columns of equal width.

If the AutoWidth check box is not selected, enter the width and spacing options for the columns.


Displays the column number, as well as width and distance to the adjacent columns.

Left Arrow

Moves the column display one column to the left.

Left Arrow Icon

Left Arrow

Right Arrow

Moves the column display one column to the right.

Right Arrow Icon

Right Arrow


Enter the width of the column.


Enter the amount of space that you want to leave between the columns.

Separator line

This area is only available if your layout contains more than one column.


Select the formatting style for the column separator line. If you do not want a separator line, choose "None".


Enter width of the separator line.


Select a color for the separator line.


Enter the length of the separator line as a percentage of the height of the column area.


Select the vertical alignment of the separator line. This option is only available if Height value of the line is less than 100%.

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