Inserts a frame that you can use to create a layout of one or more columns of text and objects.

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Symbol za Wobłuk zasadźić

Wobłuk zasadźić

To edit a frame, click the border to select it, and then choose Format - Frame and Object - Properties. You can also resize or move a selected frame using special shortcut keys.

To delete a frame, click the border of the frame, and then press Delete.

If you see small red arrows at the beginning and the end of text in frame, use the arrow keys to scroll through the remaining text.

In the preview area of the Frame dialog, the frame is represented by a green rectangle, and the reference area by a red rectangle.

You can also preview the effects when you change the frame anchor to "As Character". The "Baseline" is drawn in red, "Character" is the font height, and "line" is the height of the line, including the frame.

Position and Size

Specifies the size and the position of the selected image, frame, or OLE object on a page.


Specify properties for the selected image, frame or OLE object.


Specify the way you want text to wrap around an object. You can also specify the spacing between the text and the object.


Specify the properties of the hyperlink for the selected graphic, frame or OLE object.


Sets the border options for the selected objects in Writer or Calc.

Area (Background, Highlighting)

Set the fill options for the selected drawing object or document element.


Specifies the number of columns and the column layout for a page style, frame, or section.


Specifies the macro to run when you click an image, frame, or an OLE object.

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Icon on the Insert toolbar:

Draws a frame where you drag in the document. Click the arrow next to the icon to select the number of columns for the frame.

Symbol za Wobłuk zasadźić

Wobłuk zasadźić

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