Formatting Marks

Shows hidden formatting symbols in your text, such as paragraph marks, line breaks, tab stops, and spaces.

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Z menijoweje lajsty:

Wubjerće Napohlad – Formatěrowanske znamješka

Z powjercha z rajtarkami:

Wubjerće Start – Formatěrowanske znamješka přepinać. (wužiwarski powjerch z rajtarkami)

Wubjerće Napohlad – Formatěrowanske znamješka.

Ze symbolowych lajstow:

Symbol za Formatěrowanske znamješka

Formatěrowanske znamješka

Z tastatury:

+ F10

When you delete a paragraph mark, the paragraph that is merged takes on the formatting of the paragraph that the cursor is in.

To specify which formatting marks are displayed, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Formatting Aids, and then select the options that you want in the Display formatting area.

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