Accepting or Rejecting Changes

The review function is available in LibreOffice for text documents and spreadsheet documents.

When you edit a document in which others have made changes, you can accept or reject the changes individually or all together.

  1. If you have put multiple copies of the document in circulation, first merge these into one document (see Merging Versions).

  2. Open the document and choose Edit - Track Changes - Manage. The Manage Changes dialog appears.

  3. Select a change on the List tab. The change is selected and displayed in the document and you can now enter your decision with one of the buttons.

If one author has modified another author's change, you will see the changes hierarchically arranged with a plus sign for opening up the hierarchy.

If the list of changes is too long, you can switch to the Filter tab in the dialog and specify that you only want to see the changes of certain authors, or only the changes of the last day, or that you want the list to be restricted in some other way.

Color-coded entries display the result of the filter that is set. Entries in black can be accepted or rejected and match the filter criteria. Entries in blue do not themselves match the filter criteria, but have subentries that are included by the filter. Gray entries cannot be accepted or rejected and do not match the filter criterion. Green entries do match the filter but cannot be accepted or rejected.

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