Opens a dialog box to replace the current word with a synonym, or a related term.

Přistup k tutomu přikazej …

Z menijoweje lajsty:

Wubjerće Nastroje – Tezawrus….

Z powjercha z rajtarkami:

Wubjerće Přepruwować – Tezawrus.

Wubjerće Tezawrus… w meniju Přepruwowanje rajtarka Přepruwować.

Ze symbolowych lajstow:

Symbol za Tezawrus


Z tastatury:

+ F7


Thesaurus support is not available for all languages.

Current word

Displays the current word, or the related term that you selected by double-clicking a line in the Alternatives list. You can also type text directly in this box to look up your text.

Arrow left

Recalls the previous contents of the "Current word" text box.


Click an entry in the Alternatives list to copy the related term to the "Replace with" text box. Double-click an entry to copy the related term to the "Current word" text box and to look up that term.

Replace with

The word or words in the "Replace with" text box will replace the original word in the document when you click the Replace button. You can also type text directly in this box.


Select a language for the thesaurus. You can install languages with a thesaurus library from the Extensions web page.

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