Insert Name

Inserts a defined named cell range at the current cursor's position with the Paste Names dialog.


You can only insert a cell area after having defined a name for the area.

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Wubjerće Zasadźić – Pomjenowane wobłuki a wurazy.

Wubjerće Tabela – Pomjenowane wobłuki abo wurazy… – Zasadźić.

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Wubjerće Pomjenowane wobłuki a wurazy w meniju Zasadźić rajtarka Zasadźić.

Table area

Lists all defined cell areas. Double-click an entry to insert the named area into the active sheet at the current cursor position.

Paste All

Inserts a list of all named areas and the corresponding cell references at the current cursor position.


Inserts the selected named area and the corresponding cell reference at the current cursor position.

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