Enum Statement [VBA]

Define enumerations or non UNO constant groups. An enumeration is a value list that facilitates programming and eases code logic review.


This constant, function or object is enabled with the statement Option VBASupport 1 placed before the executable program code in a module.


Enum syntax

       Enum list_name
           ' Object Statement block
       End Enum ' list_name


Within a given enumeration, fit together values that logically relate to one another.


       Option VBASupport 1
       Private Enum _WindowManager
           W1ND0WS = 1 ' Windows
           OS2PM = 2 ' OS/2 Presentation Manager
           MACINTOSH = 3 ' Macintosh
           MOTIF = 4 ' Motif Window Manager / Unix-like
           OPENLOOK = 5 ' Open Look / Unix-like
       End Enum
       Public Function WindowManager() As Object
           WindowManager = _WindowManager
       End Function ' <library>.<module>.WindowManager.XXX

Enumerated values are rendered to Long datatype. Basic functions are public accessors to enumerations. Enumeration names and value names must be unique within a library and across modules.


Display WindowManager grouped constant values:

       Dim winMgr As Object : winMgr = <library>.<module>.WindowManager
       With winMgr
           Print .MACINTOSH, .MOTIF, .OPENLOOK, .OS2PM, .W1ND0WS
       End With

Enumerations can be extended to other data types using Type statement definitions. Calling Python Scripts from Basic illustrates that mechanism.

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