GoSub...Return Statement

Calls a subroutine that is indicated by a label inside a Sub or a Function. The statements following the label are executed until the next Return statement. Afterwards, the program continues with the statement that follows the GoSub statement.


GoSub label[:]


label: A line identifier indicating where to continue execution. The scope of a label in that of the routine it belongs to.

The GoSub statement calls a local subroutine indicated by a label from within a subroutine or a function. The name of the label must end with a colon (":").

  Sub/Function foo
      ' statements
      GoSub label
      ' statements
      Exit Sub/Function
      ' statements
  End Sub/Function
Warnowanski symbol

If the program encounters a Return statement not preceded by GoSub, LibreOffice Basic returns an error message. Use Exit Sub or Exit Function to ensure that the program leaves a Sub or Function before reaching the next Return statement.

The following example demonstrates the use of GoSub and Return. By executing a program section twice, the program calculates the square root of two numbers that are entered by the user.


Sub ExampleGoSub
Dim iInputa As Single
Dim iInputb As Single
Dim iInputc As Single
    iInputa = Int(InputBox("Enter the first number: ","NumberInput"))
    iInputb = Int(InputBox("Enter the second number: ","NumberInput"))
    GoSub SquareRoot
    Print "The square root of";iInputa;" is";iInputc
    GoSub SquareRoot
    Print "The square root of";iInputb;" is";iInputc
    Exit Sub
End Sub

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