ChDrive Statement

Changes the current drive.


Some DOS-specific file and directory functions are no longer provided in LibreOffice, or their function is only limited. For example, support for the ChDir, ChDrive and CurDir functions is not provided. Some DOS-specific properties are no longer used in functions that expect file properties as parameters (for example, to differentiate from concealed files and system files). This ensures the greatest possible level of platform independence for LibreOffice. Therefore this feature is subject to removal in a future release.


The ScriptForge library in LibreOffice 7.1 introduces the FileSystem service with methods to handle files and folders in user scripts.


  ChDrive Text As String


Text: Any string expression that contains the drive letter of the new drive. If you want, you can use URL notation.

The drive must be assigned a capital letter. Under Windows, the letter that you assign the drive is restricted by the settings in LASTDRV. If the drive argument is a multiple-character string, only the first letter is relevant. If you attempt to access a non-existent drive, an error occurs that you can respond to with the OnError statement.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call

68 Device not available

76 Path not found


  Sub ExampleChDrive
      ChDrive "D" ' Only possible if a drive 'D' exists.
  End Sub

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