Traka oblikovanja

The Formatting bar contains several text formatting functions.

Specifies whether to show or hide the Styles window, which is where you can assign and organize styles.

Icon Styles


Set Paragraph Style

Assigns a style to the current paragraph, selected paragraphs, or to a selected object.

Set Paragraph Style

Set Paragraph Style

Naziv fonta

Allows you to select a font name from the list or enter a font name directly.

You can enter several fonts, separated by semicolons. LibreOffice uses each named font in succession if the previous fonts are not available.


Ime pisma

Veličina fonta

Allows you to choose between different font sizes from the list, or to enter a size manually.


Makes the selected text bold. If the cursor is in a word, the entire word is made bold. If the selection or word is already bold, the formatting is removed.

Icon Bold



Makes the selected text italic. If the cursor is in a word, the entire word is made italic. If the selection or word is already italic, the formatting is removed.

Icon Italic



Underlines or removes underlining from the selected text.

Icon Underline



Aligns the selected paragraph(s) to the left page margin.

Icon Align Left

Lijevo poravnato


Centers the selected paragraph(s) on the page.

Icon Centered


Aligns the selected paragraph(s) to the right page margin.

Icon Align Right

Desno poravnato


Aligns the selected paragraph(s) to the left and the right page margins. If you want, you can also specify the alignment options for the last line of a paragraph by choosing Format - Paragraph - Alignment.

Icon Justified


Toggle Ordered List

Adds or removes numbering from the selected paragraphs. To define the numbering format, choose Format - Bullets and Numbering. To display the Bullets and Numbering Bar, choose View - Toolbars - Bullets and Numbering.

Toggle Ordered List Icon

Toggle Ordered List

Toggle Unordered List

Assigns bullet points to the selected paragraphs, or removes them from bulleted paragraphs.


Toggle Unordered List

No List

Removes numbering or bullets and list indenting for the current paragraph or selected paragraphs.

Icon No List

No List

Decrease Indent

Click the Decrease Indent icon to reduce the left indent of the current paragraph or cell content and set it to the previous default tab position.


Smanji uvlaku

Increase Indent

Click the Increase Indent icon to increase the left indent of the current paragraph or cell content and set it to the next default tab position.


Povećaj uvlaku

Boja fonta

Click to apply the current font color to the selected characters. You can also click here, and then drag a selection to change the text color. Click the arrow next to the icon to open the Font color toolbar.


Boja pisma


Applies current highlighting color to the text selection.

Character Highlighting Color Icon

Character Highlighting Color icon

Boja pozadine

Click to open a toolbar where you can click a background color for a paragraph. The color is applied to the background of the current paragraph or the selected paragraphs.

Icon Background color

Boja pozadine

Dodatne ikone

Povećaj pismo

Povećava veličinu fonta označena teksta.

Smanji pismo

Smanjuje veličinu fonta označena teksta.

Ako je podržavanje CTL omogućeno, pojavit će se i dvije nove ikone.

s lijeva na desno

left to right icon

Tekst se unosi slijeva nadesno.

S desna na lijevo

right to left icon

Tekst sa složenim rasporedom pisama unosi se zdesna nalijevo.

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