Indenting Paragraphs

You can change the indents for the current paragraph, or for all selected paragraphs, or for a Paragraph Style.


You can also set indents using the ruler. To display the ruler, choose View - Ruler.

Positioning indents

Indents are calculated with respect to the left and right page margins. If you want the paragraph to extend into the page margin, enter a negative number.


To change the measurement units, choose - LibreOffice Writer - General, and then select a new measurement unit in the Settings area.

The indents are different regarding the writing direction. For example, look at the Before text indent value in left-to-right languages. The left edge of the paragraph is indented with respect to the left page margin. In right-to-left languages, the right edge of the paragraph is indented with respect to the right page margin.

Hanging indents

For a hanging indent, enter a positive value for Before text and a negative value for First line.

The Hanging Indent icon is found in the Paragraph section of the Properties sidebar. Click on this icon to switch the values of Before text and First line. This enables you to toggle a paragraph between an indented first line and a hanging indent.

To create a hanging indent: Enter a first line indent where you want the indent to start, then click the Hanging Indent icon to create the hanging indent.

Hanging Indent Icon

Hanging Indent Icon

The Hanging Indent command can be added as a button to a toolbar, an item in a menu or context menu, or a shortcut key.

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