Naziv i putanja do HTML dokumenta

Saves the file as an HTML document, so that you can view it in a web browser. You can choose to create a separate page when a heading style that you specify is encountered in the document. If you choose this option, a separate page of links to all of the pages that are generated is also created.

To access this command...

Choose File - Send - Create HTML Document

Ako se stvara više od jednog HTML dokumenta, nazivu dokumenta dodjeljuju se brojevi pravilnim redosljedom. Naslovi HTML stranica stvoreni su iz prvog naslovnog stila poglavlja.

Ime datoteke

Enter a file name or a path for the file. You can also enter a URL

separated by

Select the heading paragraph style that you want to use to indicate a new HTML page. To use this option, apply one of the heading paragraph styles to the paragraphs where you want to start a new page in the document.

Tip datoteke

Select the file format for the document that you are saving. In the display area, only the documents with this file type are displayed. File types are described in Information on Import and Export Filters.


Saves the file.

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