The menu bar contains all the commands for working with LibreOffice Math. It contains a list of all the available operators as well as the commands for editing, viewing, arranging, formatting and printing formula documents and the objects contained in them. Most of the menu commands are only available when you are creating or editing a formula.

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Prozor koji sadrži dokument na kojem želite raditi mora biti odabran kako biste koristili naredbe izbornika. Slično, morate odabrati objekt u dokumentu kako biste koristili naredbe vezane uz taj objekt.

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Izbornici ovise o kontekstu. To znači da su dostupne one stavke izbornika koje su relevanten za posao koji se trenutno obavlja. Ako se pokazivač prikazuje u tekstu, tada se prikazuju sve one stavke potrebne za uređivanje teksta. Ako ste odabrali grafiku u dokumenu, tada možete vidjeti sve stavke izbornika koje se mogu koristiti za uređivanje grafike.


This menu contains the general commands for working with formula documents, such as create, open, save and print.


The commands in this menu are used to edit formulas. In addition to basic commands, (for example, copying contents) there are functions specific to LibreOffice Math such as searching for placeholders or errors.


Sets the display scale and defines which elements you want to be visible. Most of the commands that you can enter into the Commands window can also be accessed through a mouse click if you have already opened the Elements pane with View - Elements.


This menu contains commands needed to format formulas.


Use this menu to open and edit the symbol catalog, or import an external formula as a data file or via clipboard. The program interface can be adjusted to meet your requirements. You can also change the program options.


In the Window menu, you can open a new window and see the document list.


Izbornik Pomoć omogućuje pokretanje i upravljanje LibreOffice sustavom pomoći.

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