More detailed information about scaling in LibreOffice Math as well as some examples can be found here. (The quotation marks in this text are for emphasis purposes only and are not part of the examples.)

The factorial is not scaled (example: "fact stack{a#b}" and "fact {a over b}") but is oriented using the baseline or center of the arguments.

Brackets always have a fixed size as well. This applies to all symbols that can be used as brackets. Compare "(((a)))", "( stack{a#b#c})", "(a over b)".

Brackets preceded by "left" or "right", however, are always adjusted to the argument. See "left(left(left(a right)right)right)", "left(stack{a#b#c}right)", "left(a over b right)".

Some Attributes have fixed sizes; do not change these if they are placed above a long symbol.

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The spaces in the examples are required for the correct structure. You may not delete them when making entries in the Commands window.

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