Drawing Curves

The Curve icon Icon on the Drawing toolbar opens a toolbar to draw B├ęzier curves. B├ęzier curves are defined by a start point and an end point, which are called "anchors". The curvature of the B├ęzier curve is defined by control points ("handles"). Moving a control point changes the shape of the B├ęzier curve.

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Control points are only visible in "Edit Points" mode. Control points are represented by circles, anchor points are represented by squares. The start point is a little bit larger than the other anchor points.

B├ęzier curve segments and straight line segments can be joined to form more complex B├ęzier curves. Three different transitions can be applied to join adjacent segments:

How to use the Curve tool

  1. On the Drawing toolbar, open the Curves toolbar Icon and select the CurveIcon tool.

  2. Click where you want the curve to start, and drag in the direction where you want the curve to go. The control line will indicate the direction.

    Hold down Shift while you drag to restrict the direction to a 45 degree grid.

  3. Release the mouse where the first control point should be.

  4. Move the pointer to where you want the curve segment to end. The curve follows the pointer.

  5. U─Źinite ne┼íto od navedenog:

Kako koristiti alat za prostoru─Źnu liniju

  1. Na altnoj traci za crtanje, otvorite alat za KrivuljeIcon i odaberite alat Prostoru─Źna linijaIkona.

  2. Click where you want the curve to start, and keep holding the mouse button down.

  3. Potegnite prostoru─Źnu liniju kao da crtate olovkom.

  4. Release the mouse button to finish the line.

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