Specifies the general settings for LibreOffice.

To access this command...

Choose - LibreOffice - General.

Options General Dialog Image


Specifies the behavior of the installed help.

Extended tips

Displays a help text when you rest the cursor on an icon, a menu command, or a control on a dialog.

Status dokumenta

Ispis postavlja stanje „Dokument promijenjen”

Specifies whether the printing of the document counts as a modification. When this option is marked, the very next time the document is closed you are asked if the changes should be saved. The print date is then entered in the document properties as a change.

Godina (dvije znamenke)

Defines a date range, within which the system recognizes a two-digit year.

In LibreOffice, years are indicated by four digits, so that the difference between 1/1/99 and 1/1/01 is two years. This Year (two digits) setting allows the user to define the years in which two-digit dates are added to 2000. To illustrate, if you specify a date of 1/1/30 or later, the entry "1/1/20" is recognized as 1/1/2020 instead of 1/1/1920.

Help Improve LibreOffice

Send crash reports to The Document Foundation

Send crash reports to help developers improve the software’s reliability. Whenever LibreOffice crashes, you can opt to send reports containing certain debugging information, useful to help track down the cause of the bug and fix it eventually.

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