Contains basic information about the current file.

To access this command...

Choose File - Properties - General tab.


Displays the file name.


Displays the file type for the current document.


Displays the path and the name of the directory where the file is stored.


Displays the size of the current document in bytes.


Displays the date and time and author when the file was first saved.


Displays the date and time and author when the file was last saved in a LibreOffice file format.


Displays the template that was used to create the file.

Digitally signed

Displays the date and the time when the file was last signed as well as the name of the author who signed the document.

Digital Signatures

Opens the Digital Signatures dialog where you can manage digital signatures for the current document.

Last printed

Displays the date and time and user name when the file was last printed.


After printing, a document must be saved to preserve its Last printed data. No warning message is given about this, if an unsaved document is closed.

Total editing time

Prikazuje kako dugo je datoteka otvorena za uređivanje, od kad je datoteka stvorena. Vrijeme uređivanja se aktualizira kad spremite datoteku.

Revision number

Displays the number of times that the file has been saved.

Apply User Data

Saves the user's full name with the file. You can edit the name by choosing - LibreOffice - User Data.

Reset Properties

Vraća vrijeme uređivanja na nulu, datum stvaranja na trenutačni datum i vrijeme, a broj verzije na 1. Datumi promjena i ispisa se također brišu.

Save preview image with this document

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