Odrednice ASCII filtra

You can specify which options, such as basic font, language, character set, or break, are imported or exported with a text document. The dialog appears when you load an ASCII file with the filter "Text Encoded" or when you save the document the first time, or when you "save as" with another name.

To access this command...

Menu File - Open, File type Text Encoded selected.

Menu File - Save As, File type Text Encoded selected.


Određuje postavke za uvoz i izvoz vaše datoteke. Kada izvozite, mogu se odrediti samo skup znakova i prijelom odlomka.

Znakovni skup

Specifies the character set of the file for export or import.

Zadana pisma

By setting a default font, you specify that the text should be displayed in a specific font. The default fonts can only be selected when importing.


Specifies the language of the text, if this has not already been defined. This setting is only available when importing.

Prekid odlomka

Određuje tip prijeloma odlomka za redak teksta.


Produces a "Carriage Return" and a "Linefeed". This option is the default.


Produces a "Carriage Return" as the paragraph break.


Produces a "Linefeed" as the paragraph break.

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