X/Y Error Bars

Use the X or Y Error Bars dialog to display error bars for 2D charts.

If an element of a data series is selected, this command works on that data series only. If no element is selected, this command works on all data series.

To access this command...

Choose Insert - X Error Bars, or Insert - Y Error Bars (Charts)

An error bar is an indicator line that spans over a range from x/y - NegativeErrorValue to x/y + PositiveErrorValue. In this term, x or y is the value of the data point. When "standard deviation" is selected, x or y is the mean value of the data series. NegativeErrorValue and PositiveErrorValue are the amounts calculated by the error bar function or given explicitly.

Note Icon

The Insert - X/Y Error Bars menu command is only available for 2D charts.

Kategorije greŇ°ke

In the Error category area, you can choose different ways to display the error category.


Does not show any error bars.

Konstantna vrijednost

Displays constant values that you specify in the Parameters area.


Displays a percentage. The display refers to the corresponding data point. Set the percentage in the Parameters area.


Select a function to calculate the error bars.

Standard Error: Displays the standard error.

Variance: Displays the variance calculated from the number of data points and respective values.

Standard Deviation: Displays the standard deviation (square root of the variance). Unlike other functions, error bars are centered on the mean.

Error Margin: Displays the highest error margin in percent according to the highest value of the data group. Set the percentage in the Parameters area.

Raspon ńáelije

Click Cell Range and then specify a cell range from which to take the positive and negative error bar values.

Iz podatkovne tablice

For a chart with its own data, the error bar values can be entered in the chart data table. The Data Table dialog shows additional columns titled Positive X or Y-Error-Bars and Negative X or Y-Error-Bars.

Ista vrijednost za oba

Enable to use the positive error values also as negative error values. You can only change the value of the "Positive (+)" box. That value gets copied to the "Negative (-)" box automatically.

Error Indicator

Specifies the error indicator.

Positive and Negative

Prikazuje i pozitivne i negativne stupce greŇ°aka.


Prikazuje samo pozitivne stupce greŇ°aka.


Prikazuje samo pozitivne stupce greŇ°aka.

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