Further Statements

Statements that do not belong to any of the other categories are described here.

Call Statement

Transfers the control of the program to a subroutine, a function, or a procedure of a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). The keyword, type and number of parameters is dependent on the routine that is being called.

Choose Function

Vraća odabranu vrijednost iz popisa argumenata.

Declare Statement

Declares and defines a subroutine in a DLL file that you want to execute from LibreOffice Basic.

End Statement

Ends a procedure or block.

Exit Statement

Exits a Do...Loop, For...Next, a function, a property, or a subroutine.

FreeLibrary Function

Releases DLLs that were loaded by a Declare statement. A released DLL is automatically reloaded if one of its functions is called. See also: Declare

Function Statement

Defines a subroutine that can be used as an expression to determine a return type.

Rem Statement

Označava redak programa kao komentar

Stop Statement

Zaustavlja izvršavanje Basic programa.

Sub Statement

Definira subrutinu.

Switch Function

Prikazuje listu argumenata, sadržavajući izraze praćene vrijednostima. Switch funkcija vraća vrijednost koja je pridružena sa izrazom koji je prošao ovom funkcijom.

With Statement

Postavlja objekt kao uobičajni objekt. Osim ako je drugo objektno ime deklarirano, sve karakteristike i metode odnose se na uobičajni objekt sve dok se ne dosegne End With naredba

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