Error-Handling Functions

Use the following statements and functions to define the way LibreOffice Basic reacts to run-time errors.

LibreOffice Basic offers several methods to prevent the termination of a program when a run-time error occurs.

CVErr Function

Converts a string expression or numeric expression to a variant expression of the sub type "Error".

Erl Function

Vraća broj linije gdje se dogodila grešla prilikom izvršavanja programa.

Err Function

Vraća poruku o grešci koja prepoznaje grešku koja se je bila dogodila prilikom izvršenja programa.

Err Object [VBA]

Use VBA Err object to raise or handle runtime errors.

IsError Function

Tests if a variable contains an error value.

Error Function

Returns the error message that corresponds to a value or raises a given error context.

On Error GoTo ... Resume Statement

Omogu─çuje proceduru za upravljanje gre┼íkama nakon ┼íto se pojavi gre┼íka, ili nastavlja izvo─Ĺenje programa.

Resume Statement

Resets error information and indicates what to execute next.

ScriptForge.Exception service

The Exception service is a collection of methods to assist in code debugging in Basic and Python scripts and in error handling in Basic scripts.

In Basic scripts, when a run-time error occurs, the methods and properties of the Exception service help identify the error context and allow to handle it.

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