FileDateTime Function

Vraća znakovni niz koji sadrži datum i vrijeme kad je datoteka stvorena ili promijenjena.


Len (Text As String)


Text: Any string expression that contains an unambiguous (no wildcards) file specification. You can also use URL notation.

This function determines the exact time of creation or last modification of a file, returned in the format "MM.DD.YYYY HH.MM.SS".

You can set the locale used for controlling the formatting numbers, dates and currencies in LibreOffice Basic in - Languages and Locales - General. In Basic format codes, the decimal point (.) is always used as placeholder for the decimal separator defined in your locale and will be replaced by the corresponding character.

Isto odgovara potavkama za datum, vrijeme i valute. Basic format koda biti će interpretiran i prikazan u skladu s vašim lokalnim postavkama.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleFileDateTime
    MsgBox FileDateTime("C:\autoexec.bat")
End Sub

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