Automatically Check Spelling

आपकी टाइपिंग के दौरान ही LibreOffice वर्तनी की जाँच स्वचालित रुप से कर सकता है तथा संभावित गलत शब्दों को लहर युक्त लाल रंग की लकीर से रेखांकित करता है.

To Check Spelling Automatically While You Type

  1. Choose Tools - Automatic Spell Checking.

  2. Right-click a word with a red wavy underline, and then choose a suggested replacement word from the list, or from the AutoCorrect submenu.

If you choose a word from the AutoCorrect submenu, the underlined word and the replacement word are automatically added to the AutoCorrect list for the current language. To view the AutoCorrect list, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options, and then click the Replace tab.

You can also add the underlined word to your custom dictionary by choosing Add.

To Exclude Words From the Spellcheck

  1. शब्दों को चुनें जिसे आप अलग रखना चाहते हैं.

  2. Click the Language control on the Status bar to open a menu.

  3. Choose "None (Do not check spelling)".

Creating a new dictionary.

Adding Exceptions to the AutoCorrect List

Checking Spelling and Grammar

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