चित्र, तालिका, दस्तावेज़ तथा विशिष्ट अक्षरों को प्रविष्ट करने के विविध फंक्शन युक्त औजार पट्टी को खोलने के लिए प्रतीक के बगल के तीर को क्लिक करें.



निम्न फंक्शनों में से आप चुन सकते हैं :

Insert single-column frame manually

Draws a frame where you drag in the document. Click the arrow next to the icon to select the number of columns for the frame.

Icon Insert Frame

फ्रेम हस्तचालित प्रविष्ट करें

From File

Opens a file selection dialog to insert an image into the current document.

Icon Image


Insert Table

Inserts a table into the document. You can also click the arrow, drag to select the number of rows and columns to include in the table, and then click in the last cell.



Insert Document

Inserts the contents of another document into the current document at the cursor position.


Text from File

Insert Special Character

Allows a user to insert characters from the range of symbols found in the installed fonts.

Icon Special character

विशेष अक्षर

Insert Section

Inserts a text section at the cursor position in the document. You can also select a block of text and then choose this command to create a section. You can use sections to insert blocks of text from other documents, to apply custom column layouts, or to protect or to hide blocks of text if a condition is met.

Icon Section


Insert Bookmark

Inserts a bookmark at the cursor position. You can then use the Navigator to quickly jump to the marked location at a later time. In an HTML document, bookmarks are converted to anchors that you can jump to from a hyperlink.



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