Converting Text Characters into Drawing Objects

You can convert text characters into curves that you can edit and resize as you would any drawing object. Once you convert text into a drawing object, you can no longer edit the content of the text.

पाठ को ड्राइंग वस्तु में बदलने के लिए:

  1. जो पाठ आप रूपांतरति करना चाहते हैं उसे चुनें तथा निम्न में से कोई एक चुनें:

    In LibreOffice Draw, choose Shape - Convert - To Curve.

    In LibreOffice Impress, right-click the border of the text object, and then choose Convert - To Curve.

  2. If your text contains more than one character, the converted text becomes a grouped object. Double-click the group to edit individual objects. Press Esc when finished.

  3. Now, click the Points icon on the Drawing bar. Click the object. You can see all the Bézier points of the object. On the Edit Points bar, you can find various icons for editing, inserting and deleting points.

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