Saving Documents Automatically

प्रत्येक बार जब आप दस्तावेज़ को सहेज रहे हों तो बैकअप प्रति बनाने के लिए

  1. Choose - Load/Save - General.

  2. Mark Always create backup copy.

If the Always create backup copy option is selected, the old version of the file is saved to the backup directory whenever you save the current version of the file.

प्रत्येक n मिनटों में रिकवरी जानकारी स्वचालित रुप से सहेजने के लिए

  1. Choose - Load/Save - General.

  2. Mark Save AutoRecovery information every and select the time interval.

This command saves the information necessary to restore the current document in case of a crash. Additionally, in case of a crash LibreOffice tries automatically to save AutoRecovery information for all open documents, if possible.

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