Bibliography Database

Insert, delete, edit, and organize records in the bibliography database.

To access this command...

Choose Tools - Bibliography Database.


यदि आपके डाटाबेस के क्षेत्र सिर्फ पढ़ने लायक हैं, सुनिश्चित करें कि डाटा स्रोत दृश्य बन्द है.

The supplied bibliography database contains sample records of books.

Use the toolbar to select a table in the bibliography database, to search for records, or to sort the records using filters.

नया रेकॉर्ड प्रविष्ट करना

To create a record, click the asterisk (*) button at the bottom of the table view. An empty row is added at the end of the table.

रेकॉर्ड ढूंढना तथा फ़िल्टर करना

आप रेकॉर्ड के लिए ढूंढ सकते हैं किसी क्षेत्र प्रविष्टि से मेल खाते कुंजी शब्दों के द्वारा.

सर्च कुंजी प्रविष्ट करना

Type the information that you want to search for, and then press Enter. To change the filter options for the search, long-click the AutoFilter icon, and then select a different data field. You can use wildcards such as % or * for any number of characters, and _ or ? for one character in your search. To display all of the records in the table, clear this box, and then press Enter.

स्वचालित फिल्टर

Long-click to select the data field that you want to search using the term that you entered in the Search Key box. You can only search one data field.

नए फ़िल्टर विन्यास से मेल खाने के लिए तालिका रेकॉर्ड की सूची स्वचालित अद्यतन होती है.

Use the Standard Filter to refine and to combine AutoFilter search options.

LibreOffice saves the current filter settings for the next time that you open this dialog.

To display all of the records in a table, click the Reset Filter icon.

रेकॉर्ड मिटाना

To delete a record in the current table, right-click the row header of the record, and then select Delete.

डाटा स्रोत बदलना

डाटा स्रोत

Select the data source for the bibliography database.

स्तंभ व्यवस्था

Lets you map the column headings to data fields from a different data source. To define a different data source for your bibliography, click the Data Source button on the record's Object bar.

Select the data field that you want to map to the current Column name. To change the available data fields, select a different data source for your bibliography.

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