Specifies the settings for ODBC databases. This includes your user access data, driver settings, and font definitions.

User Name

Type the user name for accessing the database.

Password required

Prevents an unauthorized user from accessing the database. You only need to enter the password once per session.

Driver Settings

Use this text field to enter additional optional driver settings if this is necessary.

Character Set

Select the code conversion that you want to use to view the database in LibreOffice. This does not affect the database. Choose "System" to use the default character set of your operating system. Text and dBASE databases are restricted to character sets with a fixed-size character length, where all characters are encoded with the same number of bytes.


Retrieve generated values

Enables LibreOffice support of auto-incremented data fields for the current ODBC or JDBC data source. Select this check box if the database does not support the auto-increment feature in its SDBCX layer. In general, the auto-increment is selected for the primary key field.

Auto-increment statement

Enter the SQL command specifier that instructs the data source to auto-increment a specified Integer data field. For example, a typical SQL statement to create a data field is:

CREATE TABLE "table1" ("id" INTEGER)

To auto-increment the "id" data field in a MySQL database, change the statement to:


In other words, enter AUTO_INCREMENT into Auto-increment statement box.

Query of generated values

Enter an SQL statement that returns the last auto-incremented value for the primary key data field. For example:


Use SQL92 naming constraints

Only allows names that use characters that conform to the SQL92 naming constraints in the data source. All other characters are rejected. Each name must begin with a lower or upper case letter, or an underline ( _ ). The remaining characters can be ASCII letters, underlines, and numbers.

Use Catalog for file-based databases

Uses the current data source of the Catalog. This is useful when the ODBC data source is a database server. If the ODBC data source is a dBASE driver, leave this check box clear.

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