UNO Objects, Functions and Services

Functions, objects and services of Unified Network Objects (UNO).

CreateUnoStruct Function

Creates an instance of a Uno structure type.

CreateUnoService Function

Instantiates a Uno service with the ProcessServiceManager.

GetProcessServiceManager Function

से मिलता है ProcessServiceManager (central Uno ServiceManager).

CreateUnoDialog Function

Creates a Basic Uno object that represents a Uno dialog control during Basic runtime.

CreateUnoListener Function

लिसनर इंस्टैंस तैयार करता है.

CreateUnoValue Function

Returns an object that represents a strictly typed value referring to the Uno type system.

CreateObject Function

Creates a UNO object. On Windows, can also create OLE objects.

This method creates instances of the type that is passed as parameter.

EqualUnoObjects Function

Returns True if the two specified Basic Uno objects represent the same Uno object instance.

HasUnoInterfaces Function

जाँचता है कि कोई बेसिक यूएनओ वस्तु कुछ विशिष्ट यूएनओ इंटरफ़ेस को समर्थित करते हैं.

IsUnoStruct Function

यदि दी गई वस्तु Uno struct है तो सही प्राप्त होता है

GetDefaultContext Function

Returns the default context of the process service factory, if existent, else returns a null reference.


The StarDesktop object represents LibreOffice application. Some routines or user interface objects such as current window can be used via StarDesktop.

ThisComponent Statement

Addresses the active component so that its properties can be read and set. ThisComponent is used from document Basic, where it represents the document the Basic belongs to. The type of object accessed by ThisComponent depends on the document type.

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