Space and Spc Functions

स्ट्रिंग प्रस्तुत करता है जिसमें निर्धारित संख्या में स्पेस होते हैं.


The Spc function works the same as the Space function.


Space (n As Long)

Spc (n As Long)

Return value:



n: Numeric expression that defines the number of spaces in the string. The maximum allowed value of n is 2,147,483,648.

Error codes:

5 Invalid procedure call


Sub ExampleSpace
Dim sText As String, sOut As String
Dim iLen As Integer
    iLen = 10
    sText = "Las Vegas"
    sOut = sText & Space(iLen) & sText & Chr(13) &_
    sText & Space(iLen*2) & sText & Chr(13) &_
    sText & Space(iLen*4) & sText & Chr(13)
    msgBox sOut,0,"Info:"
End Sub

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