End Statement

किसी प्रोसीज़र या खण्ड को समाप्त करता है.


End, End Enum, End Function, End If, End Property, End Select, End Sub, End With


Use the End statement as follows:


End: Is not required, but can be entered anywhere within a procedure to end the program execution.

End Enum: Ends an Enum VBA statement

End Function: Ends a Function statement.

End If: Marks the end of a If...Then...Else block.

End Property: Marks the end of a Property statement.

End Select: Marks the end of a Select Case block.

End Sub: Ends a Sub statement.

End With: Ends a With statement


Sub ExampleRandomSelect
Dim iVar As Integer
    iVar = Int((15 * Rnd) -2)
    Select Case iVar
        Case 1 To 5
            Print "Number from 1 to 5"
        Case 6, 7, 8
            Print "Number from 6 to 8"
        Case Is > 8 And iVar < 11
            Print "Greater than 8"
        Case Else
            Print "Outside range 1 to 10"
    End Select
End Sub

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