Controlling Program Execution

निम्न कथन प्रोग्राम का चलाया जाना नियंत्रित करता है.

A program generally executes from the first line of code to the last line of code. You can also execute certain procedures within the program according to specific conditions, or repeat a section of the program within a sub-procedure or function. You can use loops to repeat parts of a program as many times as necessary, or until a certain condition is met. These type of control statements are classified as Condition, Loop, or Jump statements.

Condition Statements

निम्न कथन कंडीशन्स पर आधारित हैं.


निम्न स्टेटमेंट लूप चलाते हैं.


निम्न स्टेटमेंट जम्प चलाते हैं.

Further Statements

Statements that do not belong to any of the other categories are described here.

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