Opens the Macro dialog, where you can create, edit, organize, and run LibreOffice Basic macros.

मेक्रो नाम

Displays the name of the selected macro. To create or to change the name of a macro, enter a name here.

मेक्रो फ्रॉम / मेक्रो यहाँ सहेजें

Lists the libraries and the modules where you can open or save your macros. To save a macro with a particular document, open the document, and then open this dialog.

चलाएँ / सहेजें

Runs or saves the current macro.

आबंटित करें

Opens the Customize dialog, where you can assign the selected macro to a menu command, a toolbar, or an event.


Starts the LibreOffice Basic editor and opens the selected macro for editing.


Creates a new macro, or deletes the selected macro.

To create a new macro, select the "Standard" module in the Macro from list, and then click New.

To delete a macro, select it, and then click Delete.


Opens the Macro Organizer dialog, where you can add, edit, or delete existing macro modules, dialogs, and libraries.


Lists the existing macros and dialogs.

You can drag-and-drop a module or a dialog between libraries.

To copy a dialog or a module, hold down the key while you drag-and-drop.


Opens the selected macro or dialog for editing.


Creates a new module.

Creates a new dialog.

लाइब्रेरीज़ टैब पृष्ठ

Lets you manage the macro libraries.


Select the location containing the macro libraries that you want to organize.


Lists the macro libraries in the chosen location.


Opens the LibreOffice Basic editor so that you can modify the selected library.


Assigns or edits the password for the selected library. "Standard" libraries cannot have a password.


Creates a new library.


Enter a name for the new module, dialog, or library.

अंत में जोड़ें

Locate that LibreOffice Basic library that you want to add to the current list, and then click Open.

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