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By default, LibreOffice moves words that do not fit on a line to the next line. If you want, you can use automatic or manual hyphenation to avoid this behavior:

Automatic hyphenation

Automatic hyphenation inserts hyphens where they are needed in a paragraph. This option is only available for paragraph styles and individual paragraphs.

To automatically hyphenate text in a paragraph:

  1. Right-click in a paragraph, and choose \Paragraph\.

  2. Click the Text Flow tab.

  3. In the Hyphenation area, select the Automatically check box.

  4. Click \OK\.

To automatically hyphenate text in multiple paragraphs:

If you want to automatically hyphenate more than one paragraph, use a paragraph style.

For example, enable the automatic hyphenation option for the "Default" paragraph style, and then apply the style to the paragraphs that you want to hyphenate.

  1. Choose View - Styles, and then click the Paragraph Styles icon.

  2. Right-click the paragraph style that you want to hyphenate, and then choose \Modify\.

  3. Click the Text Flow tab.

  4. In the \Hyphenation\ area, select the \Automatically\ check box.

  5. Click \OK\.

  6. Apply the style to the paragraphs that you want to hyphenate.

Manual Hyphenation

You can insert a hyphen where you want on a line, or let LibreOffice search for the words to hyphenate, and then offer a suggested hyphenation.

To Manually Hyphenate Single Words

To quickly insert a hyphen, click in the word where you want to add the hyphen, and then press +Hyphen(-).

If you insert a manual hyphen in a word, the word is only hyphenated at the manual hyphen. No additional automatic hyphenation is applied for this word. A word with a manual hyphen will be hyphenated without regard to the settings on the \Text Flow\ tab page.

To manually hyphenate text in a selection:

  1. Select the text that you want to hyphenate.

  2. Choose \Tools - Language - Hyphenation\.

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