\<bookmark_value\>text; rotating\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>rotating;text\</bookmark_value\>

Rotating Text

You can only rotate text that is contained in a drawing object.

  1. Choose \<emph\>View - Toolbars- Drawing\</emph\> to open the \<emph\>Drawing \</emph\>toolbar.

  2. Select the Text icon Icon.

  3. Drag in your document to draw the text object, and then type your text.

  4. Click outside of the object, then click the text you entered. Click the Rotate icon Icon on the Drawing Object Properties toolbar.

  5. Drag one of the corner handles of the text object.

Tip Icon

You can also right-click the text object, choose \<emph\>Position and Size\</emph\>, click the \<emph\>Rotation\</emph\> tab, and then enter a rotation angle or a new position for the object.

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