\<bookmark_value\>indexes; editing or deleting entries\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>tables of contents; editing or deleting entries\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>deleting;entries of indexes/tables of contents\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>editing;table/index entries\</bookmark_value\>

Editing or Deleting Index and Table Entries

Index entries are inserted as fields into your document. To view fields in your document, choose \<emph\>View \</emph\>and ensure that \<emph\>Field Shadings \</emph\>is selected.

  1. Place the cursor immediately in front of the index entry in your document.

  2. Choose Edit - Reference - Index Entry..., and do one of the following:

To cycle through the index entries in your document, click the next or the previous arrows in the Edit Index Entry dialog.

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