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Creating a Form Letter

To create a form letter, you need a text document that contains fields for address data, and an address database. Then you combine or merge the address data and the text document to either print the letters or send them by email.


If the document is in HTML format, any embedded or linked images will not be sent with the email.

The Mail Merge Wizard helps you to create form letters.

To create a form letter

  1. Choose \<emph\>Tools - Mail Merge Wizard\</emph\>.

    You see the Mail Merge Wizard dialog. The following is an example of one of many possible ways to navigate the wizard's pages:

  2. Select \<emph\>Start from a template\</emph\>, and click the \<emph\>Browse\</emph\> button.

    You see the Templates dialog.

  3. Select Business Correspondence in the left list, and then "Modern" business letter in the right list. Click OK to close the Templates dialog, and click Next in the wizard.

  4. Select Letter and click Next.

  5. On the next step of the wizard, click the Select Address List button to check that you are using the correct address list. If you want to use an address block, select an address block type, match the data fields if necessary, and click Next.

  6. Next follows the \<emph\>Create a salutation\</emph\> step. Deselect the \<emph\>Insert personalized salutation\</emph\> box. Under \<emph\>General salutation\</emph\>, select the salutation that you want on top of all letters.

  7. If you want to place mail merge fields anywhere else in the document select the corresponding column in your address data source and then drag and drop the column header into the document where you would like the field to be. Be sure to select the entire column.

  8. Click \<emph\>Next\</emph\> on the following pages of the wizard. The pages are created, and you have the option to edit the created documents.

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