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Inserting and Editing Footnotes or Endnotes

Footnotes reference more information about a topic at the bottom of a page and endnotes reference information at the end of the document. LibreOffice automatically numbers the footnotes and endnotes.

To insert a footnote or endnote:

  1. Click in your document where you want to place the anchor of the note.

  2. Choose Insert - Footnote and Endnote - Footnote or Endnote.

  3. In the \<emph\>Numbering \</emph\>area, select the format that you want to use. If you select \<emph\>Character\</emph\>, click the browse button (\<emph\>...\</emph\>) and select the character that you want to use for the footnote.

  4. In the \<emph\>Type \</emph\>area, select \<emph\>Footnote \</emph\>or \<emph\>Endnote\</emph\>.

  5. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

  6. Type the note.


You can also insert footnotes by clicking the \<emph\>Insert Footnote Directly\</emph\> icon on the \<emph\>Insert\</emph\> toolbar.

Insert Endnote Icon

You can insert endnotes directly by clicking the Insert Endnote icon on the Standard or Insert toolbar or choose Insert - Footnote and Endnote - Endnote.

Editing Footnotes or Endnotes


Shortcut keys can be made to insert, edit, and navigate to footnotes and endnotes. Choose Tools - Customize - Keyboard tab and enter note in the Functions box to see possibilities.

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