\<bookmark_value\>footers; with page numbers\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>pages; numbers and count of\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>page numbers; footers\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>numbering;pages\</bookmark_value\>

Inserting Page Numbers in Footers

You can easily insert a page number field in the footer of your document. You can also add a page count to the footer, for example, in the form "Page 9 of 12"

Inserting page numbers

  1. Choose Insert - Header and Footer - Footer and select the page style that you want to add the footer to.

  2. Choose \<emph\>Insert - Fields - Page Number\</emph\>.

If you want, you can align the Page Number field as you would text.

To Additionally Add a Page Count

  1. Click in front of the Page Number field and type "Page ", click after the field, enter a space and then type "of ".

  2. Choose \<emph\>Insert - Fields - Page Count\</emph\>.

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