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Displaying the Result of a Table Calculation in a Different Table

You can perform a calculation on cells in one table and display the result in a different table.

  1. Open a text document, insert a table with multiple columns and rows, and then insert another table consisting of one cell.

  2. Enter numbers into some of the cells of the large table.

  3. Place the cursor in the table with the single cell, and then press F2.

  4. In the \<emph\>Formula Bar\</emph\>, enter the function that you want to perform, for example, "=SUM".

  5. Click in a cell in the larger table that contains a number, press the plus sign (+), and then click in a different cell containing a number.

  6. Press \<emph\>Enter\</emph\>.

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If you want, you can format the table to behave as normal text. Insert the table into a frame, and then anchor the frame as a character. The frame remains anchored to the adjacent text when you insert or delete text.

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