Inserting title pages in the document

Insert title pages in your document.

Title pages are pages at the beginning of the document that lists the publication information, such as the title of the publication, the name of the author etc. These pages have a different layout than the pages of the document body, because they may not have page numbering, sometimes a different heading and footer and even different margins settings or background.

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Choose menu Format - Title Page

Many documents, such as letters and reports, have a first page that is different from the other pages in the document. For example, the first page of a letterhead typically has a different header or the first page of a report might have no header or footer, while the other pages do. This is simple to achieve with LibreOffice Writer.

Page header and footer, numbering, margins and orientation are some of the properties that belongs to page styles. LibreOffice Writer let your to insert a blank title page at any point of your document, or format an existing page like a title page, by inserting a page break followed by a page style of your choice or by changing the page style at cursor position.

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Using the Default (or any other) page style for your document, you can add a header or footer as you wish to the first page by deselecting the Same content on first page option on the header/footer tabs in the Page Style dialog, and then adding the header or footer. You can then add a different header or footer to the other pages of the document.

To convert the first page of the document into a title page

  1. Place the cursor on the first page,

  2. From the Menu Bar, choose Format - Title page…

  3. Select Converting existing pages to title pages

  4. Select the style of the title page in the Edit Page Properties area

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By default, LibreOffice selects the First Page page style.

  1. Set the page numbering reset options.

  2. Click OK.

This will change the current page style to First Page and the following pages will have the Default Style.

To insert a title page anywhere in the document

Place the cursor where you want to insert a new title page.

  1. From the menu bar select Format - Title page.

  2. Select Insert new title pages

  3. Set number of title pages to add and

  4. Set the title page location by setting its page number in the spin box.

  5. Set the page numbering reset options.

  6. Click OK

This will insert a page break and change the current page style to First Page. The following pages will have the Default Style page style.

To delete a title page:

You cannot delete a title page. You must change its page style format from First Page to whatever other page style you wish.

  1. Place the cursor in the page you want to change the style

  2. From the Sidebar Deck, select Sidebar Settings - Styles.

  3. From the Styles, select button Page Styles.

  4. From the Style list, select the page style you want to apply.

  5. Double click on the page style to apply.

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