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Opens the Symbols dialog, in which you can select a symbol to insert in the formula.

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Choose Tools - Symbols

On the Tools bar, click



Symbol Set

All symbols are organized into symbol sets. Select the desired symbol set from the list box. The corresponding group of symbols appear in the field below.

When a symbol is selected, its command name appears below the symbol list and a magnified version appears in a box to the right. Note that the name must be typed in the \<emph\>Commands\</emph\> window exactly as displayed here (case-sensitive).

To insert a symbol, select it from the list and click \<emph\>Insert\</emph\>. The corresponding command name appears in the \<emph\>Commands\</emph\> window.


Click here to open the Edit Symbols dialog.


Applies the modified or selected values without closing the dialog.

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