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Copying Slides From Other Presentations

You can insert slides from another presentation into the current presentation. You can also copy and paste slides between presentations.

To insert a slide from another presentation:

  1. Open a presentation, and choose \<emph\>View - Normal\</emph\>.

  2. Choose .

  3. Locate the presentation file containing the slide that you want to insert, and click \<emph\>Insert\</emph\>.

  4. Click the plus sign next to the icon for the presentation file, and then select the slide(s) that you want to insert.

  5. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

To copy and paste slides between presentations:

  1. Open the presentations that you want to copy and paste between.

  2. In the presentation containing the slide(s) that you want to copy, choose\<emph\> View - Slide Sorter\</emph\>.

  3. Select the slide(s), and then choose\<emph\> Edit - Copy\</emph\>.

  4. Change to the presentation where you want to paste the slide(s), and then choose \<emph\>View - Normal\</emph\>.

  5. Select the slide that you want the copied slide to follow, and then choose \<emph\>Edit - Paste\</emph\>.

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