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Importing HTML Pages Into Presentations

You can import any text file, including text in HTML documents, into a slide.

To insert text from a file into a slide:

  1. In the place where you want to insert the text, choose .

  2. Select "Text" or "HTML Document" as the \<emph\>File type\</emph\>.

  3. Locate the file containing the text that you want to add, and then click \<emph\>Insert\</emph\>.

If the text file contains more text than can be inserted into a single slide, you can divide the text over several slides.

  1. Double-click in the inserted text to enter edit mode.

  2. Select all of the text that lies below the visible slide area and press +X.

  3. Choose , and then press +V.

  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until all of the text is on slides.

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