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Animating Slide Transitions

You can apply a special effect that plays when you display a slide.

To apply a transition effect to a slide

  1. In \<emph\>Normal\</emph\> view, select the slide that you want to add the transition effect to.

  2. On the \<emph\>Tasks\</emph\> pane, click \<emph\>Slide Transition\</emph\>.

  3. Select a slide transition from the list.

You can preview the transition effect in the document window.

Note Icon

On Slide Pane an icon appears next to the preview of those slides, which have slide transition. When you present the slide show with the Presenter Console, icon indicates that the next slide has slide transition.

To apply the same transition effect to more than one slide

  1. In \<emph\>Slide Sorter\</emph\> view, select the slides that you want to add the transition effects to.

    If you want, you can use the Zoom toolbarIcon Zoom to change the view magnification for the slides.

  2. On the Tasks pane, click Slide Transition.

  3. Select a slide transition from the list.

To preview the transition effect for a slide, click the small icon underneath the slide on the \<emph\>Slides Pane\</emph\>.

To remove a transition effect

  1. In \<emph\>Slide Sorter\</emph\> View, select the slides that you want to remove the transition effects from.

  2. Choose \<emph\>No Transition \</emph\>in the listbox on the \<emph\>Tasks\</emph\> pane.

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