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Creating Animated GIF Images

You can animate drawing objects, text objects, and graphic objects (images) on your slides to make your presentation more interesting. LibreOffice Impress provides you with a simple animation editor where you can create animation images (frames) by assembling objects from your slide. The animation effect is achieved by rotating through the static frames that you create.

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If you create a bitmap animation (animated GIF), you can assign a delay time to each frame, and specify the number of times the animation is played.

To create an animated GIF:

  1. Select an object or group of objects that you want to include in your animation and choose Insert - Media - Animated Image.

  2. Do one of the following:

  1. In the \<emph\>Animation Group \</emph\>area, select \<emph\>Bitmap object\</emph\>.

    Use the animation timeline to specify the duration for displaying a frame and the number of times an animation sequence is presented (looping).

  2. Enter a frame number in the \<emph\>Image Number\</emph\> box (left box).

  3. Enter the number of seconds you want the frame to display in the \<emph\>Duration \</emph\>box (middle box).

  4. Repeat the last two steps for each frame in your animation.

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    You can preview your animation by using the controls to the left of the \<emph\>Image Number \</emph\>box.

  5. Select the number of times you want the animation sequence to repeat in the \<emph\>Loop count \</emph\>box (right box).

  6. Select an alignment option for the objects in the \<emph\>Alignment\</emph\> box.

  7. Click \<emph\>Create\</emph\>.

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