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Insert /Objects from File

Allows you to insert the entire file or specific elements in the file.

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On the \<emph\>Insert\</emph\> toolbar, click

Icon Insert Slide from File

Insert from File dialog

To insert specific elements from a file:

  1. Click the plus sign next to the file name and select the elements you want to insert. Hold down to add to or Shift to expand your selection.

  2. If you want to insert the file as a link, select \<emph\>Link\</emph\>.

  3. Click \<emph\>OK\</emph\>.

  4. At the prompt, click \<emph\>Yes \</emph\>to scale the elements to fit on the slide or \<emph\>No \</emph\>to preserve the original size of the elements.


Inserts a file or some file elements as a link that is automatically updated when the source file is modified.

Delete unused backgrounds

Unused master pages are not inserted.

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