\<bookmark_value\>connections to data sources (Base)\</bookmark_value\>\<bookmark_value\>data sources; connection settings (Base)\</bookmark_value\>


Defines how the connections to data sources are pooled.

The\<emph\> Connections \</emph\>facility allows you to stipulate that connections that are no longer needed are not deleted immediately, but are kept free for a certain period of time. If a new connection to the data source is needed in that period, the free connection can be used for this purpose.

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Choose - LibreOffice Base - Connections.

Connection Pool

Connection pooling enabled

Specifies whether the chosen connections are pooled.

Drivers known in LibreOffice

Displays a list of defined drivers and connection data.

Current driver

The currently selected driver is displayed below the list.

Enable pooling for this driver

Select a driver from the list and mark the Enable pooling for this driver checkbox in order to pool its connection.

Timeout (seconds)

Defines the time in seconds after which a pooled connection is freed. The time can be anywhere between 30 and 600 seconds.

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