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Basic Fonts

Specifies the settings for the basic fonts in your documents.

You can also change the basic fonts for Asian and complex text layout languages if their support is enabled in - Language Settings - Languages.

These settings define the basic fonts for the predefined templates. You can also modify or customize the default text templates.

כדי לגשת לפקודה הזאת…

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Western).

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Asian). Asian language support must be enabled.

Basic fonts


Specifies the font to be used for the Default Paragraph Style. The Default Paragraph Style font is used for nearly all Paragraph Styles, unless the Paragraph Style explicitly defines another font.


Specifies the size of the font.


Specifies the font to be used for headings.


Specifies the font and font size for the List paragraph style, which is inherited by all derived paragraph styles.

When you choose to format a paragraph with numbers or bullets in a text document, the program assigns these Paragraph Styles automatically.


Specifies the font used for the captions of images and tables.


Specifies the font used for indexes, alphabetical indexes, and tables of contents.


Resets the values visible in the dialog back to the default installation values.


A confirmation does not appear before the defaults are reloaded.

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